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A Few of Our
Satisfied Customers

A1 just finished removing the paint from our 100 year old house and we couldn't be happier. Richard's crew worked quickly and efficiently each day on the site carefully paying attention to detail. Hard workers all, they restored our old house to its original glory. A1 Custom Paint Removal has our deep gratitude and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this crew to anyone that asks.

Thank you,
- David & Julia Hiser

A1 Custom Paint Removal did an outstanding job stripping the old lead paint from our Portland Style house, built around 1898. Because the house had never been stripped before, and the upper two levels are shingled, we were very concerned about the results. But the outcome was so beautiful, that if we could have left our house unpainted, we would have.
The A1 crew was impressive. They worked tirelessly through 90+ degree temperatures for over two straight weeks. They started and finished work on time, left the site spotless every day, stored equipment neatly and out of the way, and did a GREAT job.
If we had to do it over, we would chose A1 again. We recommend them highly.

- Anna Lukasik & Carl Phillips

Restore the Heart of Your Historical Home

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Perfect Paint Removal Sets the Stage for Perfect Repainting

Give your historical home the care it merits.
Entrust its future to the professionals at A1.

Serving the greater Portland region since 1995, A1 Custom Paint Removal, Inc. safely and effectively removes years of encrusted paint layers to reveal the richness and beauty of your historical home’s original wood surfaces.

This necessary part of maintaining and restoring your valuable older home, fully prepares the wood for new painting that is not only flawlessly beautiful but will last for years to come.

Paint Removal — It’s Just the Beginning

With our extensive experience, we know historical homes like the back of our hand. In addition to professionally removing the paint from the interior and exterior of your home, we provide carpentry services to put your house in ship shape, and premium painting services to protect your home and keep it looking its best well into the future.

Now is the time to bring out the best in your home.
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